"This is a story that must be told".
Theresa's grandparents came the night of the abduction. As Steve's mom was in semi-sleep that evening she awoke to a voice saying, "This is a story that must be told." She came fully awake and again she heard the voice say, "This is a story that must be told."

It has been and continues to be retold around the world. We have been blessed to see God open door after door for Theresa's story to reach wider groups of people. Indeed, it is part of the miracle itself.

Lifetime's Beyond Chance
Hosted by Melissa Etheridge

Theresa's story has been aired on dozens of radio stations
including the Billy Graham radio broadcast Decision Today


PAX TV's It's a Miracle - Hosted by Richard Thomas

The Leeza Gibbons Show

Local papers and the Associated Press have picked up the story

Inspiration Network
Interviews & Reviews
Hosted by
Ben Kinchlow

It's Supernaural
With Sid Roth

Broadcasting Network
Seattle, Washington

The 700 Club
Hosted by
Pat Robertson

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