How do you react when you see your child's body?
It wasnít until about 45 minutes after the abduction that Theresa was found.
She was beneath a culvert in a nearby stream, weighted down with a concrete block so her body would stay put.

The ambulance was called, and as paramedic Jim Hanson recalls, "When we arrived at the scene, one of the police officers was giving CPR. Theresa was naked, her body was cold and gray, her eyes glazed over. She was dead, but we all did what we had to do."

Paramedic Scott Hammond adds that "she wasnít just barely dead, she was dead dead--no heart rate and no electrical activity in her heart. We didnít have the equipment in our rig to monitor brain activity, but after that long with no oxygen, her brain was gone too."

In the local hospitalís emergency room, doctors and paramedics labored to revive her, but it seemed hopeless.

Her pH factor, a measure of the bodyís acid/alkaline balance, had fallen to 6.3. Any reading below 7.0 is generally fatal, and since the pH scale is logarithmic (like the Richter scale for earthquakes), Theresaís pH was many times lower than fatal. Continued >>>

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